Love’s Christmas Journey Info

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Once again thanks to Greg we have a bit more information about his new Movie Mini Series. As send in last post the Movie is called Love’s Christmas Journey. It is a Western period piece, that is about embracing love & the Holiday Spirit. And here is bit more Greg gave us about the story and the character.

@greg_vaughan After losing husband & daughter in a tragedy on the Western frontier, she visits her widowed bro & his 2 children for Christmas w/hair-raising adventures and a new love await her, just in time for a joyous holiday.

@greg_vaughan Character: farmer, neighbor & good friend. Orphaned at early age, knows the value of family, immediately smitten w/the woman of his dreams.

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  1. Comment by Jocylin in August 17, 2011 @ 4:54 pm

    What character does Dannika Northcott portray??

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